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KPMG apprenticeships offer you a good was to kick-start your exciting career, you'll not only build your sills and confidence but build an exceptional future with one of the world's leading professional services firms.

Why should you do a KPMG apprenticeship?

You'll get great benefits, structured training and an exceptional level of support. As well as having your tuition paid for you'll get a lot more. There are a number of apprenticeship opportunities at KPMG for apprenticeships including KPMG360, KPMG360 Digital, KPMG360 and Business Services.


With this rotational apprenticeship, you'll get to move around different areas of the organisation gaining invaluable insights across the business. Depending on what you choose this apprenticeship lasts either three or six years.

There are three levels for this apprenticeship, foundation, technical or professional. There routes will get you different levels of qualifications and you could go onto different courses from doing different levels. Visit the KPMG Careers website to learn more about the different options. For this apprenticeship, you'll need 5 A*-C grades, and a minimum of 104 UCAS points (BCC at A-Level).

With this apprenticeship, you'll get great insight, make valuable contacts and get great professional qualifications.

KPMG360 Digital

With this apprenticeship you'll get four years work experience and a BSc degree in Digital and Technology solutions from BPP University. You'll be working in a number of teams including Technology enablement, cyber security, forensic technology and technology solutions. You could be working from consultancy to cyber security and data analysis by the end of your apprenticeship!

For this apprenticeship, you'll need 5 A*-C grades, and a minimum of 104 UCAS points (BCC at A-Level). You should also be bright, enthusiastic and have a passion and aptitude for technology. If you've already started writing code of delivered a digitally focussed project this is perfect for you.

KPMG360 Business Services 

With this apprenticeship you will be working in a number of programmes including HR, Resourcing, Sales and Marketing, Facilities and Finance. This two-year programme given you a great overview of the whole organisation and will also get you a nationally recognised qualification. 

You'll get great transferable skills and knowledge. All you need is 5 GCSE's A*-C! 

If you want to apply to a KPMG programme, visit the KPGM Careers website!

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